How did a kid from a small town in Minnesota, and his college companion, become two of the greatest success stories in the Las Vegas history? Explore Tom Breitling and Tim Poster’s meteoric rise through the world of money, casinos, and high stakes, and witness how their hard work dealt them a winning hand.

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Throughout his storied career – owner, investor, entrepreneur, author – Tom Breitling has never been afraid to take chances. He’s never allowed a golden opportunity, created or otherwise, to pass him by. Learn more about Tom’s path to success through one of the nation’s most unforgiving towns.

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Tom Breitling’s autobiography, “Double Or Nothing: How Two Friends Risked It All To Buy One Of Las Vegas’ Legendary Casinos,” masterfully chronicles an enthralling story of true friendship, fearlessness, and risk-taking, and tells how two men turned their dream into a fortune.

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Tom Breitling is a friend to Las Vegas, and its schools, hospitals, and businesses. Through intelligent investing, wealth management, and generous philanthropy, he makes a real difference to those in need, both across town and across the country.

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